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Geplaatst: 15-06-2012 23:25
door mimocon

my name is Liz and I`m from Wiesbaden, Germany. I Got my first goldies last year in Arcen from Dino and now i found this forum.

Am I allowed to write english in other sections? I have two questions. First i wanted to ask, if Dino will be in Arcen this year too.

And then i wanted to ask, if you can tell me shops, where i can buy Goldfishes nearby the german border?

Greetz and thanks Liz

Geplaatst: 15-06-2012 23:57
door Pat
Hello Liz,

Welcome to the forum!

I think Dino will answer your questions soon.

Greetz Patricia

Geplaatst: 16-06-2012 08:47
door FancyGoldfish
Hi Liz, long time no see. Nearby border, we have a reseller. Named Japanesse Koi Garden. In emmercompascuum.
And Takazumi in Lutteberg.

Geplaatst: 16-06-2012 09:54
door Sanne
Hi Liz

Welcome here!
If you have questions you can always ask them here.
very nice that there is now someone from germany.
I'm curious about your goldfishes.

Geplaatst: 16-06-2012 09:58
door martijn260176
Welcome here.
Pictures of your fish and fishtank are always nice to see :wink: .

Geplaatst: 16-06-2012 13:30
door FancyGoldfish
But first you must introduce yourself in section "wie is wie" normally. :D

Geplaatst: 19-06-2012 11:48
door mimocon

thanks for your answers! The shops you told me are sadly to far away. So maybe you know some shops around the Area of Venlo/Arcen. I would like to visit them when I`m at the Holland Koi Show.

Greetz Liz

Geplaatst: 19-06-2012 12:27
door FancyGoldfish
try Donkoi. But it was long time ago he order/purchase something from me.

Geplaatst: 20-06-2012 11:41
door mimocon
Hey Dino,

thanks for your answer! Do you allready know, if you will be in Arcen?

Greetz Liz