Cheap (temporary) fish setups

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Cheap (temporary) fish setups

Bericht door Ute » 23-05-2014 17:44

Voor mijn blog had ik een klein stukje geschreven over tijdelijke, goedkope manieren om je vis te huisvestigen. Ik ben alleen te lui om het te gaan vertalen :lol: Dus dat doe ik wel een andere keer.. Ik dacht dat het misschien hier ook wel handig kan zijn, ook al is het maar een klein stukje :)

The tank

When I quarantine a fish, I use a cheap 15 gallon sterilite tub. They are cheap, and easy to move. And when you don’t use it, you can use it to put your fish stuff in it!
If you want something bigger, you can try to look at koi bowls. You also got foldable ones. Some are pretty big and can easily house goldfish! They’re also cheap compared to real tanks. You get a 100 gallon foldable koi bowl for $70!
You also got special koi quarantaine tanks, those are really big. They are quite expensive though, if they are brand new. Those are usually used as tanks petstores use for koi. I’ve seen them being sold pretty cheap secondhand, though! So, if you want a big, pond like tank in your house, I’d say: go for it!

Filtration and aeration

When I quarantine a fish, I usually do it without a cycled filter. Using medication, for example, can be harmful for beneficial bacteria, which can cause spikes of ammonia and nitrite. This is obviously not good for the fish and should be avoided.
I usually use an airpump to provide oxygen in the water and do a 100% water change every few days. This way, no ammonia can build up - because there’s no beneficial bacteria. This is an easy way to keep a fish in quarantine. How often you’d have to do a water change, depends on how big the tank is, and how big the fish is - the bigger the fish, the more waste and the more water changes should be done.
If you plan to use a temporary setup for some longer time, I’d use filtration, though. This is easier - you don’t have to 100% waterchanges every few days and aren’t screwed if you miss a water change.


Goldfish usually don’t need heaters, but if you’re using a relatively small tank and there’s a lot of fluctuation in the temperature in your house, I’d use a heater to keep the temperature stable. Temperature fluctiations can cause stress and diseases by fish - so it’s better to avoid that!

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