UN calls on G7 to ensure equal access to vaccines for all countries

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UN calls on G7 to ensure equal access to vaccines for all countries

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The United Nations (UN) human rights expert group has urged G7 leaders to ensure that people in developing countries have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. ทางเข้าสล็อต equally and does not allow profit incentives to undermine the health and equity of the world.
"Everyone has access to a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine," UN experts said in a statement ahead of the G7 summit in Britain June 11-13, a UN expert said. and timely and developed from the best scientific developments.”

“Now is the time when all parties must have solidarity and international cooperation in delivering assistance to all governments. to speed up vaccination and save lives,” the expert said. “This is not the time for protracted negotiations or lobbying to protect corporate profits.”

In addition, experts emphasize that Producing safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19 that extraordinarily fast There is not enough continuity to ensure equal access for all countries and regions.

“Billions of people in the southern hemisphere are being stripped. They view vaccines as just an illusion or a privilege for developed countries,” the expert said. and added that “This situation will unnecessarily prolong the crisis. and resulted in a dramatic increase in deaths, exacerbating economic tensions. and may sow the seeds of social unrest.”

"G7 leaders must place a top priority on protecting people's right to life and health in the most socially and economically vulnerable situations, at a time when millions of people face poverty and hunger," the expert said. ”

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